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When does tacticsofts offers/events ends ?



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Ok, once again, I'm telling y'all, according to Alex, Tacticsoft has events planned through the end of February. The first Gato event will be on March 1st. Also, Wep, so many things are wrong with your statement. This has some of the old developers, yes, but A) it is not the same administration as Legacy, B) only the developers are the same people, and most likely the "pay to fight" idea was developed by management. C) You didn't have to pay gold to fight, you had battle tickets, like the campaign, that refilled slowly over time. It never cost anything to play.

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 Events of Gato? And who said Gato will do daily events like is now?

This administration was there before and at that time there were no daily events.

Hopefully this doesn´t change and the events are better, but the truth is that we don´t know if they will do events on a daily basis.

This same administration did bad things in the past as well. I think one of the worst was when you had to pay with gold to play pvp. The pvp wasn´t free. And if I remember correctly, there was no reward for daily visit.


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