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Exclusive Limited Time Offer

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15 minutes ago, rc said:

After a certain amount of time has passed from the new item sale, I can see the drop pool being update. Otherwise, that would be a huge loophole that people can abuse.

They're added to the drop pool as soon as the event goes live, what I'm saying is that during a drop rate increase you can still get the new item with unclaimed packs, just that you'll have the same chance of getting it as any other LM

(Not really a loophole, it's the same result as buying packs after the drop rate event ends)

15 minutes ago, rc said:

First of all, to ensure we’re talking about the same thing, I’m referring to my current, max unclaimed boxes in the photo below:

Pretty straightforward, the number of items in all your unclaimed boxes = the limit i.e. you can store more mix boxes than 5x silvers, it doesn't vary between accounts

(1,000-1,500 mix boxes vs 200 5x silvers)

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I bought the offer. I would have bought it without the premium packs even. those modules are OP ASFFFFFFFFFFFF   anyways, gonna get opening some packs   expect an auto-merged multi

This offer is for players who need an Arena upgrade. If they made an offer of legendary relics to divinize, it would not seem so bad to you.

I kind of enjoy misinformation being spread, in a sick way, but occasionally I need to get over my enjoyment and correct it.    E.g. when 6670 tokens on box values + 2 decent modules for 400

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Oh well, you beat me to the punch. After further thought, I was going to replace my previous reply to your previous comment as follows:


8 hours ago, Ozen said:

Packs always have new items when they're added, just that the drop rate won't be increased for packs you saved up 

My aborted edited reply: I see what you’re saying now. That’s a possibility. That would make sense the new item sale is called Drop Rate Increased sale.


My bad, I misinterpreted what you said here:

8 hours ago, Ozen said:

The unclaimed box limit is actually based off the number of items in all your unclaimed boxes, max is ~3,000 items

I was solely thinking about boxes/packs, not items (despite I mentioned the 3k-item limit).

At any rate, that would explain why my max limit always fluctuates.

Everything you mentioned makes logical sense. Your statements seem credible.

I’ll end my comments with a thank you for your informative info.

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28 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:

It will come back. They are been releasing some time to time and similar was not long ago. Take your time saving for a proper item if you are waiting for or wait till get same offer again

This offets are messuring my tokens i have 1723 beeing pw2 is easy

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1 minute ago, Pink555 said:

This offets are messuring my tokens i have 1723 beeing pw2 is easy

if play the game and be in a team like ours we get enough tokens to no be a p2w. Just take a bit of time and administrate properly the tokens. 

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