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Exclusive Limited Time Offer

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Just now, OKI DOKI said:

It is for the players benefits. Maybe they don't get it.

BTW, I think the offer is decent. 🙂 

Yea, I'm tempted, yet I'm not playing. My inventory is full in both boxes and Garage. I wish I had unlimited inventory. It would be easier to up grade....

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41 minutes ago, .No. said:

Do you think the offer is worth buying?

The offer has a pretty good amount of packs, as well as a boatload of gold and arena coins. If you’re just starting off and somehow have 3k tokens, you can chance it to (hopefully) get a variety of legendaries. However, if you’re looking for a specific item (e. g. Quad Core Booster), this offer is skippable.



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5 hours ago, Scourge said:

True dat 👊🏻🤦🏻‍♂️

sad bro.  Some people accounts are set to get good stuff an some others it is a no way Jose forever. 😡🤬 Maybe some grinding for base test if get luck there. 

8 hours ago, .No. said:

Do you think the offer is worth buying?

sorry. I was not able to answer on time. The offer can be good for noobs generally speaking. For your account if you want to be a pay to win to move faster the account the answer it is yes if you have the tokens and not saving for a particular weapon deal. For developed accounts and hopping to get a weapon from the boxes crossing fingers can be good for some accounts and some others not and it is a gamble. 

For example, for my OKI DOKI account it is not a good choice due to I have weapons to develop that are currently in use as meta even game will change and it is morphing again the last 2 months. In my case it is not a need having reserves and weapons at disposition that will take me 8-12 months to develop according my calculations. 

For my O.D. FARM account can be ok for the long run if want to add more weapons due to it is a younger account than OKI DOKI and with less weapons at disposition. Regardless I achieve R1 in all seasons in current environment if play for it I still some few others weapons to work on for 4-6 months then might buy some or will get focus on base and save gold for legend base option. 

It is op to the player to save or to risk. Now, the 3000 price for the boxes if you already have the tokens is like getting 50% discount making it ok offer. If I was like you and can get it in my early development I will get it.  

Do not forget to add the offers. 


For those clicking regular premium packs there is here an offer.👍

offer from 10/9.21 

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It is the first offer that I buy and I do not regret it, I got a Lighting Platinum Vest and that same day I made it mythical lvl 50, it helped me do with an impossible raid for me and now I will have 100 tokens secured in raid, a good torso, now I plan to save my tokens in good offers.


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15 packs costs 5025 tokens but here's a +60% discount,

its the best deal to collect for unless when a deal with something really needed comes

For me i still have 2 QCBS 2 OPs 0 CEU

so i will save for other Deal and skip this one

Cuz last 2 times i bought it i got 0 progress 


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