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Best F2P Heat Mech


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f2p players are likely to be not able to get into high ranks unless they spent years on an account. I see the builds as quite decent, however, if you want to consistently stay at a moderate to high rank until you get better items for a damage heat build, I suggest using a capacting melter or hybrid physical-heat mech. Zark used to be the high rank standard, however, with new buffs to original "trash" E-M items, such items as Windigo are much better than zark due to lesser weight and better rounded stats, resistance, and health. Unless they buff zakares, use windigo, but use zark if you can't get the torso. Also, due to the rise of high drain and high heat damage builds, battery torso's are trash due to high weight, low regen, and low resistance. Most likely, higher end f2p players can get at least 10 - lm items that are useful, so don't use entirely all epic items. Meh builds overall, they can just barely squeeze into the higher ranks (10-7)

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