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Best F2P Physical Build


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On 2/4/2021 at 7:53 PM, error19031 said:

bandicam 2021-02-04 21-30-34-223.jpg

That's just a heat counter, that would die quite fast to ant decent drainer. Windigo is way better, you can even use nightmare. But every except modules and torso is good. Since it has no Res or regen, and I'd put a charge, 

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I never got why F2P was put in the same box as no premium items. i mean, i'm F2P. i haven't spent a single sent on any sort of digital/electronic games in my life. yet, i still get premium items and i still use them. 

just because i have / use premium items doesn't put me under the label of non-F2P. 

personally, i would use this build. this was the build i started with when i first started this account. (slight changes. void instead of tonto and iron boots instead of diggers and no res drainer or recoiler)

i put a plat plate because it's a guaranteed it in campaign. could've put a max protector, but lvl 250 is a little far......

the cap and regen/cooling should be able to keep up


or this (just modules sake) i'd go with this one more:



can use other legs like massive stone feet, but grave diggers are the best imo. (not arguing with yall on this)

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