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Corrupt Light Or Flaming Hammer?



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4 hours ago, HalitProXyz said:

Hey guys, i have four epic power unit and there's something I'm curious about. Do you think I should use them for corrupt light or flaming hammer? Or should I use them for my other 2 mechanics? What do you think?




Nice. you have some good parts. Try to get focus in your stronger mech. Now, if you are crossing to 2v2 fights according to your rank, you can balance the use of them so can compete. You will need that for campaign and Raid. Sometimes at lower levels, the need of heat and energy caps can be a bit lower and with more power to attack, you can do better. 

Do not get crazy overwhelming making too many parts at once. For the modules, get them to legend L40. Do not pass that till you can manage gold and will allow you to make a second mech. All depend in the way you farm. Do not forget to do achievement area if possible. That can grant you some extra parts and tokens.

the torsos in your second and 3er mechs are good and will take you up with proper modules. 

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