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What advice/tips would you give beginners?

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As most of you hopefully know by now, I am an admin of the SM Wiki. Unfortunately due to not having access to stats and images for items, the amount of editing being done in the wiki has massively slowed down. However one thing the wiki is lacking that can be added is a beginners guide. Someone had attempted to create a guide previously, but they involved more personal statements than helpful tips. After re-writing or deleting these guides, we are left with a small tips page and some general info about the game.

Due to this, I have decided to write a beginner's guide that covers pretty much everything there is to know. As I am a human, I can't think of every little thing to include, so:

What is the most important thing for beginners to know in your opinion?

What tips would you give beginners?

Literally anything that beginners should know or at least be aware of would be very helpful!

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The quickest way to get better at this game, as a beginner, is to focus on obtaining (and efficiently using) as much gold as fast as you possibly can. This starts with the deactivation of base, because all new accounts created have it enabled by default. You'll want to politely ask a developer via PM on these forums, and be sure to include your player ID.

Once you have base disabled, congratulations! You've just gained access to 1x and 5x silver boxes, which can now be purchased for gold. 5x silver boxes are going to be what you should be spending your gold on. They technically have the chance to drop any non premium item in the game (disregarding perks and paint) which will give you the tools required to make a viable mech for completing campaign missions. There are a plethora of players with too much time on their hands (myself included!) willing and able to help you develop a solid well rounded mech.

Progressing through the low ranks of this game really comes down to how hard you're willing to grind the campaign. Using up all your fuel everyday to complete harder and harder missions to reap the additional gold, spending said gold on 5x silver boxes, then using even more gold to fuse silver box contents into your mech's items to make them more powerful. My personal favorite mission to grind is 1v1 Overlords Den Mission 6 on Insane. It takes me about a minute to complete, and offers a great gold reward for the fuel cost. It's not an impractical goal to grind this specific mission all the way until the SuperMechs endgame. Once you've maxed one mech, and finished the 1v1 campaign in it's entirety, it's possible (while grinding efficient missions like OD6) to completely max myth a different item every 5-6 days. 

tdlr - disable base, grind od6, buy 5x silver boxes, upgrade go zoom, gg no re.

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Save tokens only for the most efficient events (such as item portals, for example).

Don't waste your time upgrading ANY item that cannot be upgraded to divine (i.e. "has no future").

Watch replays, learn, have fun, study tactics.

NEVER food or fuse ANY premium item.

Don't buy mechs from the shop unless you're absolutely sure you have to have one of the items they come with.

Have different configurations for Raid vs Campaign vs Arena vs Titans.

Don't buy inventory space so you can keep buying Premium Packs.  Save the tokens, and upgrade the epics to legendary so you can mythical items that are worth it.  Having tons of inventory space is (my opinion) for people rank 5 and higher who have the time and resources to play with different configs.

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(why am I writing this here, I can write this on the wiki myself lol)

Newbies should concentrate on maxing whatever they use most. They should aim for 1 type, but can make a semi-hybrid if necessary. I'm not saying MAX STUFF THAT CAN'T GO TO MYTH I'm saying max whatever you use most. I'm saying collateral efficiency, and not just concentrating on the future.

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- Frantic Brute is the perfect long term investment , enough said 

- Prior one single faction of damage , mixed will get you into a cycle of endless item gatherings that never gets you anywhere , if you are in love with heat , go with it .

- Premium box is a big nono, aim for th prenium packs , always , best investments on useful items that belong to your factions

- Tokens investment on item portal are only wise if you are having a full mech , but if you can spam auto clear hard then just go ahead .

- L-Ms , shitty or not , always keep atleast a pair of them in your inventory , you will never know if they are gonna get a buff in the far future or not.

- You are a beginner , gold portals are a blessing , nab whatever you can .

- Ads watching nets you 60 tokens approximately a day , try and nab all the ads before ads reset 



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