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Alex look onto this


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Today 3v3 seson completed. So next is 1vs1 season. Now i started playing all players are using counters

Here they dont have energy cap and regen. When they play against a electric mech they just quit. 

What........how can this be. If counter mechs quit. why i am not getting coins.

I played against some players. They just come with 300 eng cap and after seeing my electric mech they just quit.

If a counter mech quits give us full coins as usual

please alex look into this

Super Mechs_2021-01-23-08-18-51.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-01-23-08-13-12.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-01-23-08-12-20.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-01-23-08-07-57.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-01-23-08-20-25.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-01-23-08-14-03.jpg

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