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How about add a 4v4 or 5v5

Killer gamer 22322


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Pretty sure this is a crazy idea too. Literally the only people who would be able to play this are top players, they're the only ones with that many maxed items.

1 hour ago, SawzAll said:

fundamental change in how your workshop works

Also, for a short while you could make six mechs in your workshop.

I'm the real Turtle, simple as that.

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9 hours ago, Killer gamer 22322 said:

My idea is only for campaign

And @SawzAll I am not sure on how to make a poll. Can anyone help? I am also thinking on how to make a poll but I am not sure......

Sure.  Go to the first thing you wrote in this thread (the original post) and edit it.  There's a poll tab.

If this is campaign, I still don't know how you'd have to get the game to ask you which mechs to use, but for campaign it might be a cool idea.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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