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Need some advice

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First, I do not know if you are playing with 2 mechs at this point. I will get focus in the one you need as primary, and I am guessing is that one.

1- Basic ways for new players is to try to compensate with weapons when are weak and limited modules. In some ways it is not wrong but generally speaking it is wrong. I did the same when I started to overcome some basic and as I was newbie, the older players always said the same, too many weapons than can be in use in better way with modules. Sure, I said "what freaking modules" I do not have them, so I use weapons losing because not enough energy and heat to manage the weapons and sure I knew but it was what it was.  You are under development, and I understand your harsh issue. I do understand your set up and is similar to what I did with my niece, but you might have to make changes in order you can improve a bit. 

2- You are farming a lot as I can see but you are focusing on too many things as come parts. That harm your resources. I duplicated your mech and tested in the chat few times just to see damage and difficulty with some R11. Mechs at R11 already are powerful by default fighting against R10 normally fully developed with lack of modules. 

Regardless changes, your problem still that you do not possess energy modules and will keep suffering till get them. 

I made a simple change simulating some modules at max capacity close you yours of what will give more or less. The indication is that regardless of you max your torso, energy and heat caps will increase but your cooling and regeneration will be terrible and will keep you in the losing side. Sure, can manage some Phys and heat mechs on some ranks but will stay trapped for now till get those modules. 

You should not get angry or losing hopes. Just do not waste gold on parts from left to right. 



The roller looks cool, and I like but won't be that good for you. You have some lava feet and will be better off for heat impact if needed affecting the opponent with more heat and will free weight and will damage shields. 


I do not have windigo maxed but using a molten is only 1 weight in differences and phys shield will be in the 50's with windigo no the current amount and can see you have more weight spare. 

Cooling and energy regeneration will be close enough and as you can see, will keep suffering. At R11 and R10 just for saying, will be hard to win because those guys have power and already some shields limited but some or great shields but lack of some modules or great heat/energy but no shields. 


That extra weight space can help later when get better modules and in mean time you might like to use a resist drain as example image.thumb.png.dd534a0e9aaba6f7eb94a4e4296778ab.png

The drome is different, but it is equal in weight. 

Your HP will improve a bit when all is maxed. Use current set up for now if you want to keep basic rank and do not get frustrated with the smurfs and energy guys. I had the same issue when started. 

Do not follow this advice, just look for ways testing at chat and figure out some ideas doing so. Some help and some just want to hammer you down but do not feel bad. I prefer to get hammered so I can see what can do for what rank, so I do learn from those jockers without even them noticed I am taking advantage of them losing. In the end, I learn to overcome against same opponents some ways. I was a punching bag for top R1 players in the chat then Hammer time came to them. 😂

Have fun learning and testing for fun. If you focus into win always and get frustrated in not getting parts, you will end up stopping to play. Have fun and forget about the other guys what they have or got on boxes etc, focus on you and that is what I did and still do for my fun and enjoyment relaxing time. Modules are basically what you have maxed or possible max at epic level some of them like the shield


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4 hours ago, shockwave333 said:


this is how it looks now runs a ;ittle cooler but i still need better modules

new stompie.jpg

Ok, as you mentioned it is all about the modules. You are combining for close, mid and long distance. The reason why I changed to use magma recoil available it is because you have a blind spot at range 2 forcing you to lose a turn because the opponent will exploit that deficiency. No need changes or to follow what I said. play the mech set up since you made it and know how to manage the mech. 

Remember that as you increase the HP of the mech, it will be harder the opponent. On my testing also the compensation in the modules also will bring harder opponents. I have been testing for 3 years on module changes on mid ranks same mechs and different ones for period of time. 

You can do anything to increase torso and leg, but I personally will balance modules at this point. Increase to L40 those can move to myth status, then one at the time transform the module but do not waste trying to max the already transformed to myth because it is harder to max to L50 passing L25. Just finish to transform those then with daily only level up one module per day increasing all in a controlled way. it will progress with them simultaneously on level and by L25 will be harder, so do 1 level per module step by step. do not rush but need to farm. 

For example, I transformed step by step parts available that I will need to make some sets or future sets when get one more part or to transform in the next batch. Those will be level up all together with daily only allowing the gold can increase, accumulate enough unclaimed box parts from the farming then with enough gold and parts, at some point will be able to tackle the harsh condition to level 1 level per module per day having enough for it. Below I do have 244 unclaimed parts but that is very low for my farming. I had 6 parts with daily only on development and increased unclaimed and gold increased a lot then I tackled those 6 parts posted without pulling my hair. 

Now I have 7 parts to be level with daily only and I do have room at 244 to let increase to 850 as unclaimed parts then use them but the gold will be up all the time and I keep happy face always because of it. With daily, you consume some parts forced to complete daily. 

If you check my last month post in OKI DOKI thread, I was in the 278 million and those 6 parts under development and 701 unclaimed parts from farming. Now I finished 6 parts and increased gold to 300 million no base used or else just pure farming and my kids pvp when have time or mood to play my accounts. 

Sadly, because I do not play, the gold on pvp and the lack of farming from my kids, the progress is slower, but I started to farm to improve the gold collection to make parts hopping they play some pvp even they miss days every week like 3 days or 4 days. 🥴 It will take me next month to max those parts with daily and saving up gold and parts, but the progress will be there, and I will complete them plus I will make another 4 transformations from legend L1 making in total 11 parts between this month and next one but only will be able to finish 6 to 7 next month to L50. 

Do not use the base for power kits for now or else. That will cost gold just because want to rush the development.

Use properly the epic parts to make legend parts for transformation when you finish to L40 those modules. Do not eat epic parts that might be good to have later on. Just be careful. Players eat parts and they harm their accounts progress but a quick transformation of one part then come "Regrets" because they screw up. I even used to transform rare parts to epic to get the parts to make legends. I do not buy gold or use tokens for grinding. My grinding is pure free from start timing the fuel accumulation to no let it stop and let regen keep making more. Sure, now it does stops because no time to play but now I am back at least 4 full fuels consumed per day. 



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