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What do you recommend me to upgrade Viking hammer or savagery?



I have 1 Viking hammer and 1 savagery

I wanna what should i upgrade first?

I use Viking hammer on my energy mech as substitute for lighting recoiler

I only use savagery for raid

Both items are used raid

When using Viking hammer i still lack range 2 push weapon

So what should i upgrade first 

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣٠٣٢٧-١٤٣٠٢٦_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣٠٣٢٧-١٤٢٢١٤_Super Mechs.jpg

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2 hours ago, Battalion Incinerator said:

Depends on your mechs. Can you send a picture of them?

Energy mech item are max level expect EMP

Heat mech corrupt light are max level expect heat bomb and magama recoiler

Also both mech torso and legs are max level





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