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How i can upgrade my mech fast?



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The fastest way is to upgrade your mech:

Step 0: Make sure you participate in everything (raids, mission, arena, war, titan, tournaments). Check out the levels to see which is the best coin yield you can farm since you'll need coins for your base.

Step 1: Upgrade base to 4 max coins, 1 power kit, and 3 ultra cheap items (Focus on coins first).

Step 2: Produce items non-stop once you've upgraded.

Step 3: Max your kits but do not transform them.

For normal kits, upgrade using other normal kits until level 8 then use 3 normal items or 1 rare to max it.

For rare kits, use 3 maxed normal kits, 1 rare item, and 3 normal items to max it.

Step 4: Continue until you run out of money.

Once your base is maxed, you'll need epics/legendaries so I farm the last 1v1 mission because it has the highest chance of dropping fortune boxes in the game (there are other options to farm depending on what you want). This is the fastest way when you have money to spare but not this most efficient. Keep in mind that Supermechs is an endless game. Even if you have every item in the game divined, someone with myth items can beat you because they're mech happens to counter to yours.

A slower but more efficient way is having 4 bases making ultra cheap most of the time and alternating 1 structure to make power kits.  Use 6 normal and 3 rare items to max normal power normal kits. Rare kits are maxed the same way as explained in step 3.

You'll never run out of money this way and will have a huge surplus of cash to quickly max out any new item you're excited about. I currently have about 30 million coins so I can max out anything I love (fortresses or dual heat/energy modules) in just a few hours by dumping coins into making all four structures produce power kits and upgrading in a fast but super wasteful way... but yea, I usually stick to slow and steady because there is no point racing when there isn't a finish line.

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On 3/9/2023 at 10:09 AM, Nicolas2shadow said:

I guys i am new in the game and how i can up my level and my mech fast?

Short answer is farm arena and campaign for coins and spend them on items in base.

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If you are at level 15 on the base, you need to get a lot of coins so that you can craft a lot of power unit kits in the item factories. They have a lot of boost power and can help you to upgrade stuff quickly.

You can get a lot of tokens easily by doing daily missions, campaign, participating in raids, leveling up, etc. Also you can try saving the tokens for later, because sometimes there are offers that can get you 15 Premium Packs for only 2000 tokens. Those offers give you 15 of them for the price of about 6.

By someone, somewhere.

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