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any tips to improve?


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Hmm, interesting mech

Not a clue on what you posted, nor am i risking a click, what i will suggest to you though is:

Mainly saving tokens for offers is a good idea, from watching ads and doing your daily quests you can gain 70 a day (Not including clan or raid Tokens)

For farming i suggest doing either of these 3 missions, Overlords den mission 6 1v1 (Mainly for Xp) Overlords den mission 8 1v1 (Mainly for Boxes) and Overlords den missions 8 2v2 (mainly for gold)

In terms of item upgrades, it can really depend on what class your going for, if your wanting to play energy nothing wrong with upgrading a malice beam and hotflash, as for heat im not too sure, cause most better heat items are Legendary to mythical tier, if your wanting physical then proberbly try get your hands on frantic brutes and nightfalls, maybe a rock recoiler as well,Β 

In terms of torsos you will be wanting something like a Windigo or naga (If your newer to the game) and if your a bit older try aim for a Lighting vest or Molten vest, as they are strong torsos, monkeys are fine as well,Β 

For legs you will be wanting something along the lines of the Massive feet collection, they can be found around epic tier so they should be easy to get, claw is also fine but most legs can be used in the early stages

for drones you will want to focus on what ones sport good damage, EG: ones that have limited range, ones that have backfire or ones that are L-M (Legendary to mythical)

you will also want to upgrade your modules a fair bit as well as they are the keystone to a strong mech.Β 

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Long live the Dragon Emperor


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5 hours ago, life king said:

que tal vocΓͺ screenshot seu mech para que nΓ£o tenhamos que baixar o seu deffinetly-not-a-virus (com toda a justiΓ§a, provavelmente nΓ£o Γ© um vΓ­rus, mas nΓ£o estou convencido de que alguΓ©m vai arriscar)


I play on the computer, it's easier to just click to take a screenshot

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