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Did not receive my Season Rewards!


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Just as the title says...I don't know,but my Windows SM seems to have more than one problem.Logged in on the phone version and completely lost it.

There are so many issues in the game that makes just playing it a completely horrendous ordeal,not to say unworthy of any struggle.

So now it's not enough that my drop rates are zero,that I wasted money in this game for epic fodder,that I run on an unplayable game that's unbalanced nonetheless,that has such horrible events and often microtransactions,with useless and boring features such as the Titan,that none of the frustration gathered by playing in an unbalanced arena on a broken client is compensated by any volume of Season Rewards,since they're SO BAD,as in only epic fodder.





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Oh, trust me, the game has several ways to make you lose your rare/epic fodder in one way or another... Two common types of that phenomenon is the reconnecting and the time limit.

The reconnecting loss is when the game decides to lose connection and reconnect during your box opening. It has a chance to make your goods vanish in thin air like they never existed, making the next few seconds full of the strongest salt imaginable. Oh, and it can happen to any box, so nothing's safe from it.

As for the time limit, it only happens to arena boxes. If you don't collect your arena goods before a day has passed since the end of a season, your goods will be automatically deleted instead of being stored in your box for boxes, so your beautiful fodder will disappear no matter if you couldn't collect them due to an emergency or you didn't feel like it.




... But yeah, someone really needs to find a way to fix boxy deletus or we'll keep losing campaign power kit boxes and infinity stones and I don't think that's something that people consider to be enjoyable. If someone does find joy in losing relics, please seek assistance because that may be an issue.

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The S+ Clan Wars boxes used to give me an issue - been ok for the past 3 to 4 weeks but I'm sure I'll have the issue again.  Normally when I didn't get the reward a quick support e-mail would get it sorted within a few days.  I've had the issue twice since GG took over and now I get no response to any support e-mails so I've stopped bothering.

Another glitch I experienced yesterday was the delay in receiving tokens that I paid for.  Normally this take seconds, on rare occasions a couple of minutes, but it took more than an hour and that meant that I couldn't buy the item that was on offer as the deal expired by the time the tokens arrived.  Maybe that's what happens with the desktop app?

Like L4K3 I'm just getting annoyed and frustrated that these things even happen.

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Incorrect or missing clan war boxes have been a problem for years, quite literally. At last count I was owed 3 S+ and one S box between being in RR and RF dating to Sarah247’s disappearance, but support messages go unanswered on this topic.

Personally, I think CLAN WAR SHOULD BE REMOVED and REDESIGNED because it’s boring and creates vast inequity between many levels of players. Just another layering ploy to slow the game down.

Makes it really tough on players who are new or who are in weak clans:

1. What is a rank 15 or above player going to do with a bunch of common and rare relics? 

2. How is a R12-1 player to improve if they have no possibility for E-L relic rewards? 

If given enough time, I think Gato will solve the problems. The list is long, but Alexander and team are making progress.

Keep in mind that Tacticsoft made the mess... Gato is attempting to clean it up. Hang in there, L4KE. 

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