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My dream mech

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1 hour ago, ---Soul Burner---- said:

В настоящее время я работаю над этим, у меня есть торс, коготь, камнеотводчик и усилитель охлаждения. До свидания, это требует большого прогресса.Screenshot_2023-02-08-12-43-03-816_com.android.chrome.thumb.jpg.48ded6408c6f7a6ac913e1f95b93e85a.jpg

Yeah, maybe it will take years.. .

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probably dont use the claw since it prevents movement, also consider double teleporter and maybe replace a CEU and cooling mass booster with a QCB you could also go for the better charge engine since its only slightly heavier and maybe have a think about how many uses you think you'll need on that mech, all your weapons have a use limit it may be enough but it could be worth thinking about

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