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How can I get my stolen account back



So I have my favorite account which I have so many dreams but when a hire a co-pilot to farm it.days have pass since Everytime I log in my build was changed....then things gets worse Everytime I play then in January 15 my account was gone


I Know some of us has a stolen account.If some of you guys has a stolen account and got it back 


Just please...tell me how you got it back 😞😞

My name in super mech is grim piranha but it was changed to poison since it was stolen

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Zexom's co-pilot killed him 2 times lol

1st is lost his strongest acc(zexom)

2nd is get out of my clan(zexom reborn)

maybe it's 3 bc he lost another acc XD

maybe no chance to you get it back if ur co-pilot ended up ur acc(disconnect to every thing)

Hcaptcha scam

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