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What legacy item you think will ruin today's the META


What legacy item you think will ruin today's the META  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. What special you think?

    • Repair drone
    • Charge engine with 2 uses
    • Hook with 2 uses

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What special you think will have high impact on today THE META

repair drone

Charge with 2 uses

Hook with 2 uses

And if they might comeback how with you fix it?

i didn't play the legacy version nor my brother played

but i know comparing legacy items stats to reloaded items stats

will be like comparing apples to ink pens

i don't want legacy back but i want to know your suggestions?


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      Again again

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      Struggling to move up ranks, always fight stronger enemies, what can I do?

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      are these cheaters?

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      are these cheaters?

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