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Ace Red Baron

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2 hours ago, AcE BaRoN said:


Have a picture of all perks my favourite is the T O R S O ?



I know them all only one i didn't know was the cowboy hat i never seen it

I don't have interest on perks due being just look which doesn't make them bad they supposed to be look no more no less

If you enjoy perks enjoy them

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56 minutes ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

I have 3 santa hats, 3 pumpkin heads, and 3 snowballs.


Now, I used to have the small and big ones, but at the time, you could buy them from the shop. So I decided to delete them since they were available any time at very small expense.

They are not in shop now and I regret that decision.

Absolutely everything is getting obsolete sm


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