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How to travel around the world and hunt a wanted civillian

Momotsuki Shinya

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Warning : Contains all possible forms of illegal content, viewer discretion is advised.

Have you ever felt so bad that you were too offended by a high-ranking official to the point where you want to get revenge? Do you want to kill a person that would otherwise be uncontrollable? Or do you just want to travel around the world without the need of a vehicle?

In this topic, we are going to teach you what is the proper way to travel the world without the use of any vehicles whatsoever and hunt anyone you want to kill.

Before you follow these steps, you will have to be fit. If you are not, go and get to the gym first, you will need it to get strong enough to qualify

1. Making an easy transportation

First, you will need to try and break reality to the point where you force it to submit itself unto your control.

Second is to think of a location for you to travel, think of any places on Earth that you want to travel.

Third, try to break reality and force it to teleport you to the place that you want to be in.

2. Getting a weapon of your choice

For this task, you would first need to get a job in order to buy a firearm and the attachments.

Once you have enough money to buy a firearm ($2,000-$4,000 depending on what you would buy), an AR15-style firearm are usually lighter, more accurate and reliable on harsh conditions. Or if you want something cheap, easy to maintain less prone to catastropic failures that might severely damage the firearm, there are things like the AK47.

Find any objects that can be used as a weapon (If you found an object suitable but too large for you to carry, try cutting the excess off)

3. Protective gears

Find any objects that would otherwise be used as basic protection for the body

If you happen to have a bulletproof body armor, you may want to use it for protection in case if there is an enemy with a firearm that may fire at you.

Protective headwears can depend, for example if you want to look clearly at night, you may need a night vision goggles. In case if somebody throws tear gas, you may use a full-face respirator mask for hightened protection of your eyes and lungs.

High grade gloves and boots can help you with the harsh terrain and won't have to bruise your fingers after time.

4. Becoming a killing machine

Find any unsuspecting victims to kill

Follow the victim and observe their daily routines and their most vunerable period (sleeping not included)

Kill the victim

Repeat for 15-30 times depending on your preference to master your skills

Kill more victims once you have reached the peak of your skills

Get infamous to the point where you are targetted by a government as a Kill-on-Sight target

You might be able to get a unique emergency alert once you have been spotted, a feat of signature of terror indeed

You would also need to get your signature clothing before doing any of the steps in this section, anything such as hi-vis clothing can cover the facade of your armor, even if you would get extremely uncomfortable with the heat trapped as long as it can hide the body armor

5. Make your revenge come true upon the ones whom you hated

Get to the person's location

Kill everything in sight before you go after the target

Make sure to get your signature reach upon them

Corner them to the point where they cannot escape

Kill them

6. Wander around the world and/or repeat section 5

• If you are excessively uncomfortable with your clothes in a climate and season(Usually deserts and summertime), avoid these locations and take a break until the time where you can get comfortable again.

Now you have the title of the Wandering Killing Machine, all these basic steps paid off after time to time. If you are no longer satisfied with your title, you can always quit whenever you want to. So, if you want to be an infamous killing machine that wanders around the world, then start becoming one.

(Warning : Do not attempt any of these steps in this topic as you will be sent to prison and may get a life sentence. This post is prone to moderation action, any possesions of any items above will be confiscated immediately and again, be sent to custody. Momotsuki Shinya will not be responsible with the damages done and you, as a viewer will take action that will prevent catastrophic incidents. Terms and conditions may be applied)

[⚠Topic may be subjected to take down until further notice⚠]

Edited by Momotsuki Shinya
Added warning, please do not read topic, it is not meant to give any information that is in this topic. All warning notes are above this edit reason note. (see edit history)

I am going to put the CQR Front Grip and Stock/Grip on my M4, is that okay for you?

Loadout FN FAL, Desolator Heavy, Chainsaw, High Visibility Jacket, Leather Gloves, Vexeron Gloves Arm Wraps, Gas Mask.

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15 minutes ago, vertexers said:

 there's a quicker way 

Wish I could pull up the Vein Of Nekron but no, my PC's power supply got hit. Went into smoke the moment I open the PC.

Also, does it involve hopping into servers? (Teleportation basically) Because I don't think it has the same contents as mine... or I just didn't see anything yet.

I am going to put the CQR Front Grip and Stock/Grip on my M4, is that okay for you?

Loadout FN FAL, Desolator Heavy, Chainsaw, High Visibility Jacket, Leather Gloves, Vexeron Gloves Arm Wraps, Gas Mask.

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