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We are command and must help others

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Have you ever needed 1 win before rank 7 or 5? You need 1 win and your opponent is so strong! At the moment you only have 1 chance to get the ring of your dreams: text your opponent to get out of the fight. This happened to me 2 days ago. I knew that I would win this game, but there was a chance that I would lose. The name of the enemy was Dorut. And he was not a standard cold-blooded player. There are only 5000 players or more, and we have to help other guys. SM is not just a game for us. Many people play on the accounts of their deceased relatives (me too), some are waiting for updates, some play 1 week a year. And I hope that if you have such a situation, you will help your opponent, and one day someone will help you too 🙂


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No, I will not give my win to a beggar, they don't deserve it. I have seen so many beggars even in top rank, they aren't just asking you to get free win, they are asking others too to get to higher rank easily. 

I have been in that situation alot and I have never beg to win. If I don't deserve the win, I don't deserve the win.


aku sayang kamu

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I'm not advocating for a simple exit from the fight for the sake of your opponent. I offer to help him and give only 1, an insignificant victory for you (if you are not at a high rank and you yourself are not in such a situation) to your opponent who needs it. 

10 minutes ago, bumbum said:

Нет, я не отдам свой выигрыш нищему, они этого не заслуживают. Я видел так много нищих даже на высшем уровне, они не просто просят вас получить бесплатную победу, они просят других также легко добраться до более высокого ранга. 

Я был в такой ситуации много, и я никогда не просил выиграть. Если я не заслуживаю победы, я не заслуживаю победы.


You are right🤔

2 minutes ago, Burned_Fantom_2008 said:

Я не ратую за простой выход из боя ради соперника. Предлагаю помочь ему и дать только 1, ничтожную для вас победу (если вы не на высоком ранге и сами не в такой ситуации) нужному вам противнику. 

Ты прав🤔

It will make disbalance between rangs.

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Never give your enemy an easy fight. In the war, you don't help your enemies, you beat them. Don't be a fool. Its not like they can't get a win from the next match too. If you lose, you lose. Just play the next match snd try to get the win.

aku sayang kamu

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I also disagree. I was rank 5 for probably 4 months before finally reaching rank 3. I had 2 separate occasions where I was one star away but didn't make it. It made finally getting rank 3 a really big deal. Sounds cringe but I actually felt proud. Giving beggars a win won't help either of you.

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Rank does not matter to me in the slightest at this point other than a bragging right...which should be aimed at my friends which are all gone by now, i get to feel happy helping someone out and they get to feel happy getting that rank box, win win, i see why not.

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[Passive] [Squad Synergy : SR - Efficient Slacker SR - Haymaker]

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