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Drone concept is finished


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I have just finished the art, at least for the moment I don't really see any improvements to be made apart of course always more details but that takes multiple hours of work.. well maybe I would do a redesign in updating this topic but lazy..especially since I have their epic and legendary form to do.


his name I didn't go very far but .. it will be 'Stelight" ,my main account name if you ask what i meant, If you have any suggestions, I'll take into account.

and its stats .. well I wanted to be creative, it may have given something to the chaotic stats but better to rely on the opinion of others so there is it.


Stats at divine : [without/with arena buff]

Weight : 44

Electric damage : 51-76 --> 61-91

Energy damage : 29 --> 35

Energy regeneration damage : 29 

Retreat : 1 (yes, is really a drone with a retreat stats, you will see the mech jump.. and doing ..nothing but his drone will still hurt opponent, of course you will need a legs that can jump to use this drone..)

Use : 4

Energy cost : 65

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