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energy shield


Old energy shields with new rework  

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They have not removed the shield slot. They should totally implement the shields back into the game. It would create a lot more possible builds, or recreate specific METAs and simplify what people should be working towards. Either way, I think they would good (re)addition to the game. 🙂

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being in lack of precision about the "rework" I will consider the questioning on the implementation of the shield as we have known.


personally I am mixed or even negative opinion on this subject, of course it opened a new "way" and longer prioritize energy or heat stats for resistance but there is already a problem: those who have double modules, this which allowed to enlarge the stat limits possible are even more advantageous than ever, if the shield started to be meta because the double modules offer much more stats for the weight, and even because they are heavier and give this advantage , this increases the difference even more since there is a limited number of modules.


Noted that the shield is like the teleporter grappling hook, charge.. is universal to all mechs: any mech can be equipped with one if there's space left, but so the fact that this item is universal makes the importance of its exponential balancing, if it turns out that the stats are broken, everyone would start playing this item in the arena and for sure most of the enemies will have it, maybe even on their 3 robots. and the nerf directly would probably make it a drama because the players will have maxed an item, in ftp it's not so easy to upgrade until max level items so see one of own item be nerf.. i don't think the players who are most affected still calm.


Moreover compared to the thing mentioned before, it is difficult to balance this kind of item, indeed, no other item exists with a system of % dgt reduction which makes it so special.

moreover not implimentable in the campaign because I do not know if you have noticed it but the shields deactivate on their own if:

energy version: reaches 0 energy

heat version: exceeds the limit at which you will be forced to do a cooldown.

and one could easily imagine that if you overheat a bot with a heat shield the

enemy action will be:

  --> 1st action: (used by cooldown)

--> 2nd action: reactivate shield

and you reheat it which creates a loop until the enemy is destroyed (except if new i.a is creat but if even not any new item come so why change that..?)..

so if new players don't fight against it, it may go unnoticed.


then implementing the energy version only seems like not the worst idea, it highlights the energy mechs that will have a tool to survive longer (even if it leads to sacrificing weight when it's the type of mech that uses the most heavy weapons) and he can cancel this resistance to their enemy if he manages to drain it in addition that I had not spoken about it since now but the shields have a cost, that of energies.. energy of course even All of this leads to taking into account all that I have said previously.

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10 hours ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

Они не удалили слот для щита. Они должны полностью вернуть щиты в игру. Это создало бы гораздо больше возможных сборок или воссоздало бы конкретные META и упростило бы то, над чем люди должны работать. В любом случае, я думаю, что они будут хорошим (повторным) дополнением к игре.🙂

Shields were removed from the game for a reason. They use a fairly large amount of heat and energy. And even more so ... imagine what will happen if people with fully upgraded shields, MPV / LPV and Mighty Fortress begin to fight in the arena ... How long will these battles last? 

I'm not saying that I'm against the return of shields to the game, but... it's impossible...



I like Fluffeh 💀

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