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More use out of arena tokens post late game.

The Rabbity

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A screen that pretty all late game player should be seeing by now too familiarly, maybe we can unlock an alternate late game shop where you can use said tokens to buy packs and prenium boxes and perhaps maybe a rotating L-M item every week ? maybe that will give the player more intentions to buy the 4k offer that also packs arena tokens ? because for me at this point i would be buying that maximum packs offer at a lost because i would pay some additional tokens for a resource that serve zero purpose other than a bragging right, do please consider.

🥕🐇 squeak

Buckshot Frenzy [Burst Type: Third Cycle]SG - Children Of Anarchy enters full auto and reload drum mags instead of single shells, bolstering it's own Clip Size by ▲200% and all ally's SG - Class ATK Speed and ATK by ▲50%, consistent "meat shot" buckshot spreads will rewards Buckshot Frenzy Duration for another 1 second per shot, Buckshot Frenzy do bonus ▲35% D.M.T.R Code Based Damage against enemy shields and barriers .[CD: 115 Seconds][Active]
SG - Children Of Anarchy 「Squad Café Sweety」: SG - Children Of Anarchy fires Black Typhoon Shells with 50% more pellets per buckshot and passively boost all ally SG - Class with ▲25% bonus clip size when deployed at the cost of ▼25% reduced reload speed per reload cycle. 
[Passive] [Squad Synergy : SR - Efficient Slacker SR - Haymaker]

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IMO, the only way to make it actually useful without making it unfair on new players is to have a converter where you can change arena coins into another game currency like gold. 

OR how about a shop style system like with clan coins where you have trade ins like 1000 arena coins = 1 yellow relic or 3 purple relics, or 200 arena coins = 1 epic power kit; 500 arena coins = 500k gold. that way arena experience can still translate into temporary rewards at least. I would prefer the shop option but people will forever bitch and moan about it because "it needs balancing myeh" so atleast do the boring easy thing I mentioned first. 

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Kinda good idea but the downsides as A Happy Face said

Converter to exchange arena coins for gold or transform relics is good idea

Legendary-mythcial rotate wheel is bit good

I have idea like make shop that use arena coins like the legacy shop where you could buy anyitem with tokens

But the cost of items have to be independent on how good the torso or transform level (for the strong platinum vests and monkey torso cost maybe 175-300 arena coins maybe) or like torso such punisher or ettin cost 1 arena coin and ronin and hyperion cost 7 arena coins or the common-divine such as( interceptor nightmare and sith cost 4 or 8 arena coins) something like that may work but it will have it's downsides

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Exchange shop would be dope. I propose:

1 coin = 1000 Gold
50 coins = Common Relic
200 coins = Rare Relic or token 
800 coins = Epic Relic
2000 coins = Divine Relic

I want to make it expensive enough that it doesn't promote smurfs. These prices will only be useful to regular players. Just something you can buy occasionally like the Titan rewards shop as a thank you for your continued dedication.

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