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Quick Update on my Heat Mech, got any tips?


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On 12/2/2022 at 10:22 PM, Lord Gorgon said:

You have too many weapons. Discard some and use the spared weight for something else (windigo torso for example).


Tip 2: upgrade your modules, that will significantly increase your performance. Much more than maxing other weapons.

Tip 3: do not use the epic resistance module. It is shet.

Got another question, is maxed Zarkares any good? I mean, better than maxed Nightmare or Windigo?

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3 hours ago, Lord Gorgon said:

Нет. Только хорошие торсы ниже легендарного уровня — это виндиго, ночные кошмары и наги.

Примечание: Саблезубый Тигр — это освежеванный заркарес.





Fluffeh is best of the best, the best of all

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On 12/3/2022 at 5:00 AM, Resh23 said:

For those wondering why am I using 2 hybrid heat weapons, Im going to replace Flaminator with Corrupt Light once I max it.







It is not compulsory to have all 4 side weapon slots filled. try reducing repetitions of same type of weapons. also, get more resistances and modules otherwise you will get outperformed by lower and upper leagues. i suggest you go with windigo for your build. also remove the recoiler instead of flaminator and replace it with corrupt light

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