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Item idea improved edition

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The item instead when divined can do 500-700 dmg but it instead is an energy version but it's like a multi element weapon that can be heat or energy but has 1 big special thing that is different to the rest instead it launches you forward but doesn't throw you up in the air but can be comboed with a melee weapon that does the same type of damage but is less effective when a player has roughly 60-70 resistance of the type however you cannot use power kits because it is so high in damage tell me what you think of the updated version 

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4 hours ago, Unforseen consequence void said:

What should I do? How should I improve the idea for everyone 

FN Fal, 13.44 base damage, 42 max mastery base damage, 20 rounds per magazine with a total of 100 rounds in reserve, has an RPM rate of 700 rounds.

You should better think about an item that is neither too overpowered or too underpowered, and that its cost shouldn't be harsh as this concept and the previous one.

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