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Personal achievements

Scarlet Lorv

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1 hour ago, Lord Gorgon said:

- joining HtK

- being able to race against Canopy

- having the highest non boosted/manipulated AP count

- having designed majority of the builds used in top ranks



Probably the only biggest achievement here tbh

Empress Of Eternal Frost [Burst Type: First Cycle]: SSG - Frozen Matriarch gains ▲50% increase clip size marks targets with Frostbite on hit, targets marked with Frostbite receives ▼45% DEF DOWN and turns into frozen statues upon being excecuted, frozen statue taunts all nearby enemy in a small radius and obstruct all movements until it's destroyed. [CD: 85 Seconds] [Active]
SSG - Frozen Matriarch「Squad Unlimited」: SSG - Frozen Matriarch gains 10% DEF UP for every target assisted into excecution, stacking up to a cap of 200% DEF UP and grant all allies 85% DEF UP at max stacks, SSG - Frozen Matriarch's excecutions will turn targets into Frozen Statue [Passive] [Squad Synergy : SG - Winter Hibernation & SR - Wonderland.]

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My achievements are:

-Having 8 account at the same time.

-Pushing up from rank 7 to rank 4 in a single row.

-Defeating 3v3 insane with only 2 revives.

-Beating all of raid in a single hour.

-Getting in top 50.

-Wining 29 battles on a single hour with no lose.

I still have more to tell you guys,maybe tomorrow.Until that bye!

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