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Further Research on FB chances per Campaign: buildings, enemies, chances


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     We had recently put out the research in my clan on the Fortune Box (FB) rates per different campaign missions.  At the time, we pointed out that your highest chances for getting a fortune boxes come from 3V3 Frozen Abyss (normal) and 1V1 Overlord's Den in normal and insane modes (all 12%).

     However, finally I've had time to run some other numbers for those who are looking for specific applications, using only missions that will drop FBs:

  1. FB Chances: If you want the highest odds of getting a FB in one tank of fuel, farm 3V3 Dry Lands, Insane.
  2. XP: If you want the max experience for your fuel, 2V2 Danger Zone, Insane.
  3. Building Quests: If you want the most buildings to destroy, like for the special quests, these 3 missions have the max buildings per tank of fuel: 2V2 Frozen Abyss Normal, 3V3 Silent Waters Normal, or 1V1 Frozen Abyss Normal.
  4. Enemies Quests: If you want the max number of enemies destroyed, for special quests, 1V1 Scavenger Pass Normal.
  5. Gold: If you simply want to maximize your gold farming, 2V2 Overlord's Den Insane.

I would like to thank @Knae gae ear for the inspiration to run the numbers on this, as well as the many other people in my clan who helped me run the massive FB chance study.

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