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Atomus Lore


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(I dont know what category this can go in so ima keep it in spam just to be safe ^^)

So for those who dont know, Atomus does indeed have lore to him. I've played this game since like 2013 for gods sake, of course im gonna have my own plotline to keep it fun to me.

For those who are intrested in SM Lore, Entries about Atomus' whereabouts and current status will be in my About Me section


But basically Atomus is a deranged pilot who wants to use Legacy power in order to fuel his monsterous heat mech, once he reaches his goal, he will be completely unstoppable in his conquest for creating a world paved in brimstone and hellfire. Along the way, he will face many challenges and opponents that wish to stop him, (basically explaining Ladder).


Atomus' story falls in line with the canonical SM Storyline, the minions and bosses are still trying to take over the planet but Atomus is actively slaughtering them aswell and harvesting their power to grow even stronger. The Mechs trying to defend the Earth alongside the Enemies of Earth face a common enemy as Atomus tries to destroy both opposing forces and control Earth all for himself. His motives are sadistic but in his head he is righteous. He cannot be reasoned with and his emotional patterns is absolutely impossible to predict.


He is a Tragic Villan. And although the road to getting what he wants will be long, very strenuous, and emotionally life changing, getting to where he is now wasn't easy. Atomus is 100% aware he will be a changed man after it's all over. But that's exactly..what he wants.

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