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Desolation or Frantic flame advice



I recently pulled a Legendary desolation and have been wondering if it would work better for my heat mech, ive personally thought of it and I believe swapping out frantic flame for desolation would do wonders for me since my frantic RNG Is just terrible and im getting sick of doing 30-50 damage and throwing the game because RNG hates me. 

That and the desolation is an energy free weapon and can help me out during an energy break. Since i have a heat bomb, nemo and a vandal rage to support me during an energy break, the desolation could also do some serious ass whopping for me in that tedious situation


But i could be wrong, what are your guys' advice?

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The Boiler Mech that Tortures and Obliterates those that have bad cooling with a vicious, compelling Rage.


"For your safety, strengthen your cooling..or I'll be the one who knocks."

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