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Is it true about the sacrifices? amind help me please

Ruben Dario


hi amind @ALEX I need help a player says that sacrifices can be made, is it true? And since he is my enemy (I destroy my acc pro rank 3) he wants to make my life impossible, help me if it is true that I did nothing of my name. :: EL ~ DARIO ::. The player sent me this message Hello pilot! For a few days I have seen a sacrifice order to an account called ". :: THE ~ DARIO ::." And it has been on hold, when the day comes that an account is banned, yours will be banned AND the one that was banned will be unbanned AND only 5 accounts are required for this service AND this username has been used ... you are The owner would ask you with your permission to enter your account and change the identification number so that this does not happen, I am only to help you, it is for you if you do not want to. Because this sacrifice has been made through your ID. I await your response Pilot! Thanks for playing Super Mech and having a great time! You have a good day. If that's true, how can I avoid it?

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The car corrected wrong and put an offensive word, sorry (see edit history)
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