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A Battle Between Brothers


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I don't know why. My brother started playing awhile after I had. And yet, somehow, this guy manages to reach rank 4. Since then he averages between R7 and R5. Meanwhile recently its been a struggle to stay above R9. Despite this, destiny found it to be fit for the two of us to encounter one another in arena, and so began the battle of a century. I anticipated that he would go with the default selection when picking his mechs, going with phys first followed by his energy, and so I did the opposite, unleashing my energy against his phys and my phys against his energy. Still, it was a close match, one that kept my heart pounding and mind racing with each turn I took. It was a match between two equally powered forces, each dealing high damage to the other, but in the end, it was I who reigned supreme. 

Watch Code: 66DC8  

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