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Which should o upgrade

Monke King


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1 hour ago, Monke King said:




Well, it is hard to say because it is based on the player game priorities to advance. 

A player like me, I decided to use as priority to L4 resistance plus energy-heat caps and HP.  Later after L4 those, I was fully focus on Fuel cap and regeneration because I was a daily farmer not letting scape a single fuel. That granted me more fuel to collect parts during the grinding and gold plus progressing the XP to get more storage and fuel caps. 

Depending on your grinding and current mech distribution, I will always recommend L4 the basic resistance, energy-heat caps plus cooling and regen not forgetting HP. Those will help in the arena fight. 

Below it is a set to L4 for balance all of them 



The single one it is the HP. Now, HP energy-heat plus the basic shield that you use more as recommendation is priority. 

For example, if your mech it is phys, then go for phys even we know needs all but that will be priority. 

Now, the cost of silver coins will increase too high reason I recommend going to L4 the basics then you can start to get focus on the main you want like HP or else. Just ensure not to go wild using the coins because is hard to get them with 5 wins a day no missing a single day for over a year to complete those stats as used to be before the base. Now with base and extra items to max plus the extra level it is very almost impossible to finish in 2 years no missing 5 wins a single day. At lower rank the grant for coins is lower than to be at higher ranker. So, just balance the use of them one at the time to control coins. Just do not get tired or annoyed because it does take a long time for a free player even for pay to win. It took me more than a year even with few offers around to complete the original items and no missed a single day of pvp 5 wins. 

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Monkey ,

** first  attack and défense **

No 1 mech physic need attribute more attack and défense 

dont waste your time all over the place need prioritize attack (quick kill )and defence and what ever you fell is right …

Good Luck 🍀 

Ace 🇨🇦







Haven’t seen  pink Panther 🐆 

tell him open 



On 10/11/2022 at 7:02 PM, Monke King said:




 Did you do it ?


What Did You  do ?

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