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What should i invest in


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Do not work on your 3er mech. That will eat your resources. Be focus on 2 mechs no further for now. Hold back on the Zarkares for now. Sure, you need a second mech, but you can work on modules and weapons till get a better torso like Windigo. Zarkares will help till rank 7 even can go higher but now will be easier to destroy. I use the torso for test at those ranks and surely it is not great as used to be. About legs, the current legs for heat, phys and energy versions you can go for them without issues. Heat is best for now but phys give extra punch. Energy is better for energy set ups. Recoil and nightfall can be max too. Recoil will be use at top level and nightfall can work for top mid-range let say till R4-R3 in normal use even some are experts for R1 but is basic more till R3. The night eagle top weapon, it can help a lot in the mid-range and early tops plus is helpful in the campaign to grind for gold on early stages. The current modules for energy and heat are in need for now. Those need to be max like it or not till get premium versions. 

In your first mech, just balance levels by steady level up. Do not go all the way tp L50 one part because takes time and a lot of effort if you are short on gold. Just level in equal way between modules and modules. 

Just focus on your first mech for now. As higher you go on level, the match difficulty will increase and will take more losses reason is better to be even. Sure, you can power up a weapon because is about personal cool ways to play. \So, for the first mech, go for the torso, legs and modules. Hold back on others till you balance because you are low on energy and heat and even if you have power in a weapon, you will get drained and overheated by the opponent but by the use of your own weapons. 

By the way, do not dump epics parts just for trying to rush. Players have the tendency to screw themself dumping good weapons. Also, do not wait for legends parts. Make them with epics that do not advance beyond epic or legend. Farm as much you can during the day and level up the account fast to get more storage and energy cap. Play no less than 5 wins a day every single day to collect silver coins to enhance your account resistance, energy caps etc. 

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