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Instant regret


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following an incident I had an "idea" for a topic: in this topic post the bad or worst thing that either happens to you or to others. (these said the idea comes from a reddit that has the same name so it's more by memory that I share it here)

I begin 


This is my laptop tablet, after falling from the couch to the floor, I use it and it's for drawing and chatting here on this forum (by the way don't ask me how I can increase the volume if I want to watch videos with this adhesive strip positioned on it, lol)

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1 hour ago, Electro said:


después de un incidente tuve una "idea" para un tema: en este tema, publique lo malo o lo peor que le sucede a usted oa otros. (estos dijeron que la idea viene de un reddit que tiene el mismo nombre, así que es más de memoria que lo comparto aquí)



Esta es mi tablet laptop, despues de caerme del sofa al piso, la uso y es para dibujar y chatear aqui en este foro (por cierto no me pregunten como puedo subir el volumen si quiero ver videos con esta tira adhesiva colocada en él, lol)

x2 lol


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In-game I once used a legendary Fractured Heat Armor to myth an item, I forgot the name, but yes I did used it to myth another leg. I was selfish back then back then and didn't care that much so just blame me...

Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting, and I have once lived in infamy.
My Discord Server if you want to see me, I guess : 
Omura Unofficial Server
I am not looking for trouble here, and don't try.

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Buying a 1000 tokens worth of inventory slots by misclicks over the cource of my supermechs career.

You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.


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