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1 hour ago, Kendall-Tempest said:

BRO YOURE AMAZING! its been a DAMN WHILE since we had such a talented artist, you should sign up for insomnia andhelp them with ratchet and clank or help red with developing designs in terraria!

haha thanks... but Im still a student maybe after I ended my school session👍

7 hours ago, Monke King said:


Where did you draw it?

I draw it using "Ibis paint x"

7 hours ago, Zylok said:

Damn, looking sick once again.

What would you think of a Legacy piece of art? Would something like this be doable?


good Idea I'll try it

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16 hours ago, MORSY468 said:

this one was requested😁

Just a bit change from previous one and feel free if u guys want me to try draw different mech builds✨





Cool Art!

We make a lot of designs and fan art.

If you want to see more of my designs and fan art, please click here.


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