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I think people use different when are using some in google, facebook or else but are different accounts. Those are different e-mails if not wrong, but the experts can tell you better. 

In my case, I do have different accounts. I open one then when finish I close, and I open the other or can use one in different computer or phone just for say. 

if you try creating a new account in the same device, where do you have an existing account even you close that, there is a possibility to overwrite your original account losing all. 

If you want a new account, is best to create the account in different device with different e-mail for security and avoid possibilities to lose one. After creating properly, the other account, you can use it closing one and opening the other. Having multiple windows of the same account, it is illegal, and cheaters has been a problem and the company is active checking that. Don't get into trouble. 

Also, it is not normal to have more than one and is not proper for company basics

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