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WHERES MY dad biggest question of all where is he he didn't go get any milk, no newspaper no nothing and one day he disappeared... so TELL me you as a individual a SM enjoyer a person who's most likely in the same situation like me where is my dad? 

I would like everyone  to make assumptions and crazy theories also i will post a sequel of questions on the forum about how to find him and wat to do when you find him i want it to spread like wildfire with theories and maybe with all of them theories we can help someone find their dad. Maybe just maybe......

. also to make it stay at the top of the forums page ima comment soemthing random all the time


rn im looking at online plyers list and i can see everyone online and if raul sees this since he is online ..hi!!!

Screenshot (5).png

why is Y18 jpn looking at that persons profile ? 2035698417_Screenshot(6).thumb.png.8c8a9d9490e22b5b97838e3db8e0046b.png

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