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Buff disintegration .


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Please attach a poll to this thread.

I see no reason to buff it.  It's not in META, for example, because META is like the top 1% of weapons and tactics (at least in my opinion).  Not every weapon can be 1) the best and/or 2) useful in all circumstances.

Someone once told me they knew a SM player who could make tactics out of any weapon in the game.  Maybe look at the item for what it already is and imagine ways to use it.  Your choice could be in the next META.

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15 hours ago, Shoultz262 said:

Disintegration isn't a bad weapon, it has better damage and is lighter than annihilation in exchange for a bit of backfire, plus it's energy free. But yes, it might need a small buff, not a big one.

Yes I think it needs a buff ....have no pushing ...have no hugging like the saw...it isnt even cloose to shotguns and saws damages ...its only pottencial is the light weight which can solve you space problems with a same as anni weapon 😄

In conclussion this weapon could be easily drop on an item portal ! 
Its stats are far from deserve to be buyed with tokens .

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