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🚦Attention🚦 Cheats or (Bugs) detected in Campaign missions.



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10 hours ago, mohamed Alpatal Khalaf said:

Alright... i have no idea what is going on with that player who just published this photo in FB Group.  i'm not %100 sure if he's cheating or it was a bug in campaign missions.

you decide.


It’s bug



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  • Community Team

If you suspect someone is cheating, please do not witch hunt them on forum. 

There is a sheet for reporting potential cheatershttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpTi7ARgV-5ncdfXi2QzEOUXGlSM-1XN6IrMqyjknFyk0yxA/viewform

Please use this document to report potential cheaters as posting it on forum doesnt give you anything but a warning for witch hunting. 


Elcent is the best.


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