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what should i use for my energy mech? and yes i dont have massive shocker feet.

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I'm going to start by saying check the META.

So far it seems The Claw, Sparked Runners, and Massive Shocker Feet dominate the META for energy.

I would recommend Massive Shocker Feet.  If I have to use stomp, the arena match is already going badly for me, and it's probably because I got energy drained, which simply means I need to upgrade my modules.

It seems around arena 12 and higher, drain mechs and boiler mechs become the main thing.  I would say Hysteria and Malice Beam and other high-drain weapons are your main weapons at this rank.  

Get Rusty Energy Armor or Lightning Platinum Vest.  Save your tokens for the 335 token Premium Packs so you can get the Valiant Snipers and such.  Every once in a while, at this arena rank, I encounter someone with valiant sniper, and without a valiant sniper of my own, they are difficult to beat.

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