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premium boxes are bad

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As we all know when we joined the game premium boxes seemed so good to buy at 75tokens but all of us know it only gives you one card and it is always epic. here you can share your experiences with it. Mine is that when i brought it, it gave me iron boots epic, the massive stone feet and from then on it gave me trash like avenger. for beginners its important especially to know that premium boxes are trash and give you practically nothing

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13 hours ago, local melee weapons fan said:

got a monke with it when decided to spend a randum 75 tocen... not need muchh due to havin' vest... from a lvl up prem box

komin' bakk here... kall me a forgorful dud but mayb got that monke from a lvl up box and dat legendari in 75 toe ken prob fud or unused schiesse


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