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SuperMechs Appreciation Thread


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Helo, its me again with bumbum, i wanted to share my experience and appreciation to SuperMechs.

I have been playing SM since long time ago and already have been in top ranks for a long time too. I am not gonna say that I was a top player but I could say that I'm experienced. SM is a part of my childhood and really making me happy when i was a kid. Started playing this game online at 2014 until today. Was having a break before reloaded came out and playing again after reloaded came out.

I was struggling when I was playing sm after the break and really couldn't catch up top rank with my limited resources. But after many hours of grinding (real money too) I am now finally can stand a chance in a top ranks (see the progress below) This also payed off by Miron who invited me to join his clan, from one of the best clan ingame. It was a really good feeling and words cannot describe how happy I was.

I just wanna say I am really grateful with the items i had and to the people that helping me to get all of this. Now I don't have to be worried that i couldn' beat most of top rank players, because I could beat most of them.


- bumbum


Note : This is my first appreciation post, I'm sorry if i have mistaken in English, I'm not really good at it. And feel free to share your experience here too if you want.

Pic was from 2020 and 2022



aku sayang kamu

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Ha ha... Hey bumbum, I remember well those mechs killing me often and when you moved to TF and also an active forum member before this one. 😀

Hmm, in my case is maybe known already. 😀

A family member 2012 SM player till now, a parent passed away and I was part of his childhood raising him in my free time, so I was or still like a father to him and in those days, he asked me to play the game knowing I was robot player in other games like MechWarrior for decades and actually he learned to play video game when he was with me using my computers. He talked to my niece who actually she is his auntie to play but she asked me to play with her and fight him.

I was busy playing my games and a lot of work plus of course my family and I did not want to play the game, but my niece insisted, and I open the acc back on 10/3/19 with her and we started to build and learn. The funny thing was that I asked him "her nephew" to show me what to do and he responded "you figure out" because I play since kid time and showed him to play other games.  My niece "video game lover" like him, decided to keep going without asking and asked me to play with her together. 

By that time, she was living with me starting university here in Oregon so we played and enhanced acc together but not apart. I never used the game chat but my niece like it to chat a lot and met tons of people in the English and Spanish chats. We had a basic idea of the forum because we were guest not joined so far.

We played without asking how to play just figuring out ourselves testing pathetic ways. At some point she asked to play the acc alone and I was fine, and she was then the full owner and a well know person in the game chat as OKI DOKI. I decided to open others free to play accounts and played alone not touching OKI and advanced them to top R5. By the way, I gave the name to the acc because I use the same since kid and she like it because she copies me using the same in her own games. 

She was playing solo and started to chat a bit as OKI because she was slowing down due to started to work plus university got tuff on her. On those days some people thought we were, or she was a a fake person because sometimes the exchange of person chatting using the same acc between us was me starting to chat very limited but chatting some then her in the same day different moments. 

Some people offended her time to time and one of the reasons she stopped to chat was that getting bored of some people around with bad manners even she was a bit nasty responding to some like her uncle "me". She has spoken maybe 2 times or 3 times since then. She gives up playing OKI and handed back to me. She was known as the real OKI and or as Meghan or Meggy her real name and the way we call her. Maybe some players remember her by her name.

I was fine because she started the acc with me so she can claim the name too and if she wants to play the acc again and keep it, I am fine too with it. 

Some people asked her and me to join the forum by the time the acc was in transition back to my hands and after some period of time, I decided to join and one of the requestors was JamAnime1 and because him I was in the previous forum and this one. I joined in 5/18/20 and after posting real stuff then I was called liar with the mechs and parts around and my farming ways. Yeah "I was very happy been called liar by some not to name" during that post. 

I was thinking to forget about the forum, but I stayed and face them to shout their mouths. 

I decided to open the progress threads where I was offended just for fun and see my advances through the time as far, I remained playing the game. 

Picture from then on MAY 20 2020. I was holding back OKI DOKI IN ORDER to advance other parts and keeping acc at lower rank to allowing me to enhance OKI DOKI FARM "O.D. FARM" in order to have both to a close power base and rank up both simultaneously regardless the disadvantage of O.D FARM for been a younger account opened as new BASE test account. Sure, OKI reached R2 during counter messy days but was R10 base mechs.

I walked away OKI DOKI first clan already with 24 members "yes 24 members clan" and added OKI DOKI to the existing OKI DOKI FARM individual account. The reason of O.D. FARM is because I had a log in issue back then and had to change the name from OKI DOKI FARM to O.D. FARM. That it is the real OKI DOKI first flag and when I play any of my account as solo, I use the same and will use the same always. 


The rest is history about the progress and can be seen in my current thread updates in the forum DISCUSSION area.


The game became part for relaxing game ways instead to play competitive like my other games been a real top on those but here because my niece and my let say a son I have been playing this for fun. 

Because my niece I met new people in the game forum and met some in the game chat not for long but some still here in the game and part of the old and current forum. 

During my niece play time, she was asked to join many clans, but she rejected because she wanted to play solo including me. Now, there was one player who insisted for a year to join his clan regardless my mechs power level been a starter player starting with my niece in her chatting times. That person was known as "SHABBA" who became leader and clan creator of the current CANDELA INC top 10 clan. During that time, I saw the clan move up and down but in reality, I do not want to join any clan to have independence and of course to follow my own rules and no deal with clan dramas. 

Some clans approached me like WLgang, Zoner- after max my trio claw phys mehcs and many others as as I said to SHABBA, I was not interested so far to join any. At some point, SHABBA was needing in a bad time to stabilize his clan and I decided to help him as temp member not to stay because I wanted to play solo. I do not know why, but I requested if they want me needed to accept my terms and the clan accepted me and those terms still so far. I am not sure why, but the clan started to stabilize, and the clan started to trust in me, and I remember my buddy Scorpion not yet fully trusting in me. 😂 I met a clan well known from me. 

Because I was a solo player, I had to fight every clan and WLgang-CANDELA were clans never sleeping making 5k-7k wins so I had to fight the clan older players and still many of them from those days and of course many other clans. but they were my nemesis and RF added too with USSR.  The poor OKI sufferings against powerful long-term players. 😂 

Anyway, I kept helping SHABBA longer because we suffered some setbacks with players and because the clan was strict on rules, you can find the door open not doing the job. It was sometimes annoying when I used to see the clan full and me then to walk away to play solo then some were gone and the clan no wanting to let me go and so far, they do not want to let me go been part of the stable member of the clan even I said I need to go like a million of times and go back to solo because I am too busy at work and family to play at their level. We had some setbacks and now our leader Pink is keeping the clan alive as best he can.

Because my job got harder and harder, I joined O.D. FARM to the clan time ago to help but I had to take it out because I was unable to play basic and RF opened the door with what I was able to offer in a post. 

What I can say, I play for fun and relaxing ways this game as you know me so far. I have been able to have new friends around to talk to some for short and some for long from back then like "bumbum".

I look always to see player's progress and changes as distraction from work when I can and interact a bit with them and sometime sad to see them leaving to do other stuff in life as should be in normal life growing up by age or finding other games to play etc. 

No matter what, I want to thank to the game the opportunity to meet such wonderful people and play with them and I hope to see them around as far I can still play. 

I want to thanks to CANDELA INC for been my first clan and to always been respectful to me and to trust on me and for the great help having me in the clan regardless I am not the best contributor that I would like to be and of course, SHABBA insisting so much to be part of his clan.

I want to thanks to RF like Mechzilla who opened the door to me and the rest of the gang trusting in me, and my words offered to the clan keeping them as I do for CANDELA.

I would like to thanks to so many clans offering me a spot like LLYL, HTK, Ace, Tireg, even TF clever to join if stayed playing for rank on those days and many others no longer around and sad to see them go as great clans. 

Sorry, I will keep it short this time. 🤔

Thank you 


P.S. bumbum, I remember the old forum had a thread like this one. 😀

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