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item concept, (lost denial)


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On 1/9/2021 at 8:02 PM, furry_hunter_420 said:

ability: this trigers when you have 10% or less hp, adds 30 of ressist in physical, heat and ene, and restores 500 of hp

weight: 66

mod space: shield

heat generation: 200

ene drain: 240


I have a cooler name and description of item for you...hang on

Vengeance's Dilema

Ability : 
- Mech starts out with zero resists
- Mech's gains resists with every 10% missing HP
- Maximum res gained can be 200/200/200 at only 10% total HP remaining
- Mech can't be equipped with resistances upon equip

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Channel: VolumeTermina[SM]


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