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4 hours ago, s1ngul4r said:


bro kept making laugh emojis and i ask why he is racist he replied me ''why not?'' then ''i hate all' 

dumb kid lol xDDDDD 😂😂😂

I'm sorry, the previous vote was a mistake.

The opponent is W(1)-A(2), and I think I can beat my allies. Allies are trying to make fun of people. And the opponent thinks he can beat his allies, and he is excited about his opponent.


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many bcs white warrior use this before his acc got hacked ''White Warrior'' and idk where he went

15 hours ago, Corvus said:

You're a dumb kid yourself if you feel like you need to share this, 

Good job you won, keep it to yourself next time, or think before posting

why do you think your not dumb to?

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