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how to improve



I need advice on how to improve my mech.


This is my main mech



now i need help with the second and third mech.

this is all my inventory


Screenshot_12.png.b8155c529afc5cf92ac65b2f8bd30746.pngScreenshot_7.png.15e9cff3dc724bd363fdd7acfa49104f.pngScreenshot_6.png.0631db7f9f95581301aabf9ebd909806.pngScreenshot_5.png.1fa7cf7b40502d872fc7931700d2615e.pngScreenshot_4.png.4841186f884987a59ba0d9a4b67e59fd.pngScreenshot_3.png.1f0911a3932929c196c63013d4de5a70.pngScreenshot_2.png.ad1fdfa7ee273e29547544f34318acf0.pngScreenshot_13.png.a407efe187b4efee0f67783e50bb9eb1.png                         thank you all for your help



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30 minutes ago, Stefix5000 said:

replace your zarkares with a molten platinum vest, upgrade your modules further, don't use grim reaper at all, use a savior's resistance, use common level 10 teleporters instead of epic ones, try and get your hands on a rock recoiler and replace your annihilation with it.

like this 


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