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I have reached an impasse; need help ( Heat Mech )



I have always had issues building heat mechs. This game, for me at least, always pushes Physical. Anyhow, I could really use some guidance.

Here's a list of other heat-related items in my inventory:

Top Weapons: Savagery, Frantic Flame, Supreme Cannon

Side Weapons: Magma Blast (1), Corrupt Light (1), Magma Recoiler (1), Flaming Hammer (1)

Drone(s): Equipped: Backstabbing Protector. In Inventory: Nemo

Modules: Equipped: Plasma Fortress, Comb. Storage Unit. Heat Engine (3), Cooling Booster, Energy Engine, Energy Booster.

In Inventory; Same E - M items, as listed above, plus (2) Plat Plates




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Try going for recoiler, magma blast, supreme cannon; for now.

If you want to do more damage, use dawnblaze and the backstabbing protector.

If you want to do more heating, use savagery and Nemo instead. You could even try replacing your recoiler with a flaming hammer at that point, but after the first time you use magma blast, you'll be left with a range 2 gap

If you're gonna use the backstabbing protector, you'll probably wanna use a platinum plate just to keep your from dying to backfire. Either way, make sure to upgrade your modules as much as possible as well as upgrade them as evenly as possible, I can tell your energy modules aren't that high level.

Keep the windigo until you get an molten  or lightning plating vest then make the switch from windigo to the vest you got. Even a fractured heat or rusty energy armor is debatably better than windigo (while windigo is basically the best non-premium torso).

Get yourself a pair of massive lava feet as well, for heat they're meta.

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