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O.D. FARM Progress Little by Little


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WASA boyzzz and girlzzz 

Today I have nothing to say in reality.

I was crafting 3k power kits and I am back to the saving mode since gold it is decreasing and I need to save for level up parts.



Super Mechs_2021-02-26-14-09-30.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-02-26-14-09-41.jpg

Just now, OKI DOKI said:

WASA boyzzz and girlzzz 

Today I have nothing to say in reality.

I was crafting 3k power kits and I am back to the saving mode since gold it is decreasing and I need to save for level up parts.



Super Mechs_2021-02-26-14-09-30.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-02-26-14-09-41.jpg

Oh, I forgot I did level up to 13 remaining factory at lower level

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  • 2 weeks later...

How are you cool pilots? 😎

I am fine thank you. 😷🤣🙃

Well, OD got lonely too and wanted to be updated like his older brother OKI.

FARM it is been focusing enhancing coffer gold availability and as goal set was to reach 30,000,000 and got it helped a lot with the resent extra gold obtained farming with the daily offers like today helping a lot. 

I will increase a bit more to start to max some energy and heat parts in testing. i will enhance them slowly to control budget.

I have been enhancing just a bit those parts to complete daily like in OKI spending some gold and parts. 

I got the swoop offer like in OKI and will be maxout later to fool around. 

Mix boxes accumulation it is been growing and still have some room to growth but I will be using some soon. 

No changes in the base this time and still having 3000 power kits in reserves luke on OKI.

I was finally able to complete arena shop upgrades and th a t it is cool but stater to accumulate coins and nothing to do with them. 

It is been stable same mechs in R2 every season based in R3 not having time to play a lot but will see like in OKI.

No no myth changes but making few epics L30 same as OKI but limited due to saving the gold.





Super Mechs_2021-03-07-22-26-04.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-07-22-26-33.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-07-22-28-22.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-07-22-30-08.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-07-22-30-14.jpg

Forgot to add🤗🙃🧑‍🌾

Super Mechs_2021-03-06-12-59-48.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-06-13-00-00.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-06-13-00-07.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-06-13-00-13.jpg

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Hi fellow pilots,

I was able to do some pvp and save some extra gold and decided to use my baseline of 300,000 per day and the 700,000 extra making 1mill and use that with 400 mix boxes accumulated and started to level up heat and energy parts. 

Due to I reduced enough mix boxes I can farm for the next 2 weeks to accumulate again like 800 boxes and 6mill in gold something like that. 

I like the color for those parts in development.🙃 PArts now in the low L20's. 





Super Mechs_2021-03-08-21-51-33.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-08-21-51-42.jpg

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I decided to spend some gold enhancing test parts but keeping over 31mill to not drop too much. Mechs are looking better and getting stronger. 

Testing against full myth mechs are doing ok. I have to drop on purpose to keep testing. 

This is how are looking now and maxed stabbing drone. Looking 👍 

I will save more gold for another week to complete if possible L50 not including modules.





Super Mechs_2021-03-14-00-25-43.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-14-00-25-49.jpg

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On 3/14/2021 at 5:05 AM, Fidelio said:

Is this account without any spending?

if so, that's pretty impressive 💪

No, the acc was free to play the first 4 months and reached top rank in the free way with parts granted but was weak. I created this acc as test for the base to no change OKI DOKI without know what was and how will work. 

By the time my niece decided to stop to play my OKi DOKI in which she asked me to buy an item I was playing others already created currently advanced accounts plus added this one. I decided one day to get an Item in OKI DOKi in summer time and got same item in this acc and tested but never developed. I got few more items in OKI and this one at the same time during summer sale in the forum with SARAH offers.  I was busy dealing with others parts currently in use but the items I purchased never used or rather say never developed and used just to play at chat at L1. I am currently maxing some of those parts been there for long without been use. 🤫🤭🤗

Hmm, seems to me the progress is looking good. New color of motivation.

Trsting parts a t lower rank but an hour ago I level up more both mechs. 😋🙃😉



Super Mechs_2021-03-16-05-52-22.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-03-16-05-52-28.jpg

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looking as should 🙈


having a second it is better🍻😘


don't go away 🤡


oops. forgot the image



now is looking hottie 





I am hungry 🧑‍🌾




hmm, interesting 



I like the second.


lets jump☝️


stay close and have a drink with me 🍻


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hmm, Interesting. Two mechs test parts just maxing parts can do decent.  Not built for combat but seems can hold ground itself for R3+ with current metas around. 



I think I will max some modules and divine torsos and legs maybe divine a module and finish drone. Maybe a change in module but will wait till can get gold in 2 weeks. No rush. Test parts are decent to keep around and be able to do other mechs with them. 🤔

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On 1/6/2021 at 5:03 AM, OKI DOKI said:

Hi pilots;

This is the  OKI DOKI FARM thread progress to continue the original from the recent now old forum. 

I will be collecting info from the old and will add some of the old progress in this one but as first I will intro the current status of O.D.

O.D. FARM still in his O.D. FARM solo clan MECH CHUNKS FARM. Later or soon will join a clan that make sense for it and progress divine with future relics. 😘

It is doing awesome in clan position. Position 1 nah, much better 8,158🤣


My current test mech in use with module changes in 1V1 season 



Current position. Just doing test positions at fights not been in real full combat in serious way. 



Today reached the 100 myth in 11 months of acc birthday. Posting just myth parts around. Later updates in the full account. Lot of hard work to be there.


See the source image








No changes in the base





See the source image

Ohh my how do i get good like you

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