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WLGang official clan recruitment thread

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Our main clan is looking for players that are currently rank 2, or rank 1 in arena to join our main clan. In addition, we ask that to join any of our clans, you are a respectful player which means that basically you don’t act inappropriately in supermechs chat, on forums, or in any supermechs discord servers, especially our own.

Relationship with Trolls Fast:
WLGang is a consistent top 5 clan that directly feeds Trolls Fast. This means that at the end of the week if we are not on track to get a medal, I cooperate with Trolls Fast and we move players accordingly, to secure their victory. If you’re looking for a competitive clan, and your best opportunity to get gold medals, let me know! 🙂


WLGang 2.0:

WLGang 2.0 is our second clan, led by @Death_Gun  The rank requirement varies, but in order to maintain their position as a top 10 clan, join rank fluctuates between rank 3, and rank 4 (at the start of the week). There are also opportunities to move up to our main clan from here. 

WLGang 3.0:

WLGang 3.0 is our third clan, led by @Ad1tya  The rank requirement for this clan also varies, but in order to maintain its position in the top 20, it is usually around rank 5. Once again, there are opportunities to move up. 

WLGang 4.0:

This is our fourth clan, led by Dave Awes, and the rank requirement fluctuates a lot. It is slightly less competitive, so if you are just looking for a fun clan that is part of a great community, this is also an option! 😊


WLGang Retirement Clan:

Currently, this clan is led by @Atusiff and is a place where players of all ranks are able to join, as long as they have been in a WLGang clan for over one month (without leaving our clans). It is a stress free clan where players can kick back, relax, and enjoy the game we all love while remaining a part of our community!! 😊



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3 hours ago, Zylok said:

Oi m8,


Last few weeks I was able to gain rank 5 or higher in all seasons, so that requirement I'd fulfill for WLGang3.0

However, I was wondering if there's a minimum rank requirement for that clan.


Cheers, Zylok.

Great question! Yes you meet the minimum requirement 🙂 feel free to add my discord and I’ll invite you to our clan server. From there I’ll connect you to @Ad1tya who is the leader of 3.0 and we will get you all set up!! 🙂 
my discord is:


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