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Is a Second Unicorn (or Unicorn-style) Portal a Good Idea?   

54 members have voted

  1. 1. Would You Like to See a second Unicorn Portal, or something similar?

  2. 2. If Yes, What Legendary Drop Rate do you think Is Fair and Reasonable?

  3. 3. How many days do you think it should run? (the original portal lasted 5 days)

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    • By Lucito Jedi
      • Hello Super Mechs community, I just want to tell you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, tutorials and games, I mostly make videos about Super Mechs and take the opportunity that you can watch my videos and be distracted and also gain Subscribers.
      https: // youtube .com / channel / UChnEAUQ33YEmC5z3n-iOHvQ
      This is the link of my channel, ho if they don't look for me as Lucito Jedi MJ
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      When someone builds their base, if they don't know how many of each building they will be able to put in, the symmetry may be messed up later on. Also, it would be more convenient if we could put all the gold mines right next to each other. So I suggest adding the ability to move the buildings around, possibly for a small gold fee.
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      The auto-play feature is currently only good for grinding in campian, so why not make it easier to do that?
      When you decide to farm some coins or xp most people use the auto-play feature(I call it Jeff) but, the it has its pros and cons the main bad thing about it is that it has to be checked on every 2 or so minutes, and the ads. It would make farming levels easier if there was an option to set a certain amount of time to farm a certain level for sometime(there would be a time limit to prevent people from farming to long).
      Also whenever I farm levels with Jeff(auto-play) I have noticed that when it has no weapons in range other than repulser it fire repulser which make sense but isn't helpful so if that could be fixed that would be nice. 
      I know that currently Gato Games is focused on the SM sever right now, and I don't mind if this doesn't get implemented(which it probably won't) but this mostly just a suggestion, feel free to criticise or give suggestions on this. 
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      Should guarantee an L-M myth for rank one should guarantee a E-M myth r2-5 with fair chance or L-M and good chance for E-M myth low chance for L-M myth r6-9 everything else stays the same.
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