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Hey guys Titan destroyer here I just want to say this is a very cool turn based game I like it

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For now yes, but don't upgrade that torso too much cus it's just myth food

Try getting a windigo(the torso of the last boss), the legs are fine, but if you get massive stone feet put those on your mech

Another torso is  nightmare, if your either desperate, or prefer extra weight for modules or even weapons, also that heat top weapon is useless for a physical build.

One last thing, don't waste on paints, save up tokens for prem packs and deals, tho at this stage packs are more help since offers require a minimum of 1k tokens

If you need help with a build, don't ask me about Phys, I only know about heat and electric builds


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Also, choose which type you are gonna go with wisely, physical is most common one while energy being the rarest one(energy main is not that bad tho cuz i am one xd), heat is also very popular since it is also very good in raids, bosses and normal missions. DO not play hybrid unless you 100% have no other way to play(you do not have enough same type weapons). I have seen some energy+heat hybrid but that's basically the worst thing you can be, you can neither successfully drain ur enemies' mech or shut them down u just gonna be stuck in the middle and die.

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